Global Awakening Network

Our Heart

For all believers everywhere, we present an opportunity to receive power from God. We offer ourselves as evidence that God uses the unqualified when we’re willing to take a risk. We strengthen each other through community & theology, and we call out to all those who feel ill-equipped, isolated, and hungry, saying: you belong.

To the sick, we offer a community of faith that will believe for your healing.
To the skeptic, we offer our stories and our lives as fruit of Jesus’ work.

Come receive from God what you need, come learn how to take risks in your faith, come join us as we each fulfill God’s dream for us. We are a global community of believers empowered to awaken the world.


Global Awakening has regular events, conferences, and workshops all around the country.


This is your chance to find a community that’s empowered and launched into greater faith. It’s quite possibly the best example of the Global Awakening community in action: International Ministry Trips. These trips are an opportunity to find spiritual family, to be activated in the unique giftings God has given you, and to take risks in your faith.